About KaboCash Technologies

We are a company committed to empowering the diaspora through our innovative solutions. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge technology, simplified payments, and value-added services to create a robust ecosystem of payment services and money management.

Business Overview

With our headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina and a Group Office in Washington DC (USA), we are a financial services company specializing in cross border remittances (for easing cross-border payments) with a major focus on providing an ecosystem for payment services across Africa and the world at large.

We have developed a robust, convenient, and secure electronic payment system that allows regional and International money transfers across the world through reliable and easy to use channels. It takes one click to send money away into multiple destinations across continents.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

To offer web-based payment and remittances services to our clients with top-notch technology, in a secure, convenient and easy-to-use applications at the best price.

Our Mission

Vision Statement

To be among the top 3 strongest brand in the remittance and payment service industry in the world.

Our Goals

We strive to achieve specific objectives that drive our company forward. Discover our vision, aspirations, and the targets we are dedicated to reaching as we work towards making a positive impact in the industry and beyond.



We provide cutting edge technology to ensure all payments via our channels are conducted with the easiest convenience.



We provide value added-services to create a robust ecosystem of payment services and money management that will be endearing to customers.


Empowering Diaspora

We aim to connect diaspora families, communities and businesses to the funds they need with just a click.



We ensure all transactions via our channels are cost efficient to maintain customer loyalty to the brand.

Our Senior Excecutive Team

We are led and managed by a team of outstanding individuals and having a broad experience in business, International relations, technology management, legal affairs, financial services and much more.

Dr.Abdullahi Dahiru

Chief Excecutive Officer
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Leticia Bowman Ana

Regional Director (United States)
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Tasiu Adam

Chief of Staff
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Tijjani Rabiu

Head of Settlements & Reconciliation
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Khadija Zakari

Product & CSA
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Zaharah Mariam

Quality Assurance Analyst
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Engr. Paul Ronn

Data Analyst
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Goodness Olu-Oma

Head of Growth and Marketing
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Vivian Allen Ceballos

People Operations Manager
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Omer Mukhtar

Head of Country Representatives
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Michael Rudolf

Head of Risk & Compliance
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Mondera Fatuma

Country Director (UG)
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Nuhu Salisu Alhassan

Country Director (NG)
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Nyomi Blaise

Country Director (CM)
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Alhassan Nasir

Business Enterprise Executive Intern
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Juliet Sabastine

Project Manager
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Our Staff Members

We are guided and overseen by a team of exceptional individuals with extensive expertise in various fields, including business, international relations, technology management, legal affairs, financial services, and more. Our dedicated staff members contribute their skills and knowledge to ensure the success and growth of our organization.

Waiswa Donnie

Software Developer
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Bethel Ogbonnaya

Head of Design
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Victor Ikechukwu

Graphics Designer
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Zahradeen Hamza

Graphics Design Intern
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Kemirembe Tracy

Customer Support Analyst
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